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Nightguards & Snoreguards

Grinding and snoring… Both occur while you sleep and can irritate your bed partner. The Boerne Dental Center can solve those restless nights. More than just a noisy nuisance, grinding can cause significant damage to your teeth and contribute to frequent headaches. Snoring too can lessen your quality of life. Learn how Dr. Luttrell and Dr. Gomillion are defeating these common dental woes with conservative therapies.

Nightguards for Bruxism

Teeth grinding (bruxism) is often an unconscious reaction to stress that occurs during sleep. Most people have no idea they have this nighttime behavior and search for other causes of their headaches and tooth sensitivity. If bruxism persists, it can lead to cracked or broken teeth and even tooth loss. A custom nightguard will protect your teeth from this harmful habit and help alleviate built-up tension.


Are you driving your family wild with your unruly snores? Have you tried every remedy in the book to no avail? A custom snoreguard might be just what you need to open blocked airways and allow oxygen to flow quietly to your lungs. A snoreguard will not only eliminate the aggravating sound—it can also improve sleep quality and result in a more productive day!

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